Take Control of Adjuster Compliance, On-Boarding and Deployments.

Automated License Validation, Carrier Certifications, and Up To Date Adjuster Profiles.

Search Your Roster Quickly to Fill Deployment Requests with the Right Pre-Qualified and Compliant Adjusters.

Grow Faster with VertexClaims

The industries 1st onboarding, compliance and roster system exclusively designed for adjusting firms.

VertexClaims is an easy-to-use, cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution used by IA Firms to manage adjuster compliance, streamline onboarding, quickly respond to deployment requests, and ultimately grow their business. With no hardware or software to maintain, VertexClaims scales to your business needs and helps you keep costs down.

It’s the business management solution for those who don’t want the hassles of managing their own business software. You simply log in through a Web browser and everything you need to succeed with onboarding, compliance, deployment and claims management are at your fingertips.

In fact, VertexClaims SaaS solutions save your company time and money by automating time-consuming tasks and letting your staff focus on growing your business. Our products eliminate the need for costly on-premises IT staff, downtime, and endless software upgrades.

IA Firm Portal

VertexClaims™ Firm Portal dramatically reduces the time spent on license and certification compliance. License verification through NIPR is available inside VertexClaims™ portal. At the click of a button you know who is deployable at any given time.

Deployment tracking and responding to carrier deployment requests has never been quicker or more accurate. Deployment documentation is now accessible to the IA's and available in the firms integrated portal. Creation of carrier deployment roster requests are automatically produced in the system.

  • Easy onboarding of new IA applicants
  • License verification available through NIPR's PDB database syncing
  • Search rosters by any number of criteria
  • IA communication via email, text, and mobile notifications
  • Assign managers and teams to CAT deployments and much more...

Independent Adjuster Portal

VertexClaims™ Adjuster Portal allows your IA's to stay up to date on their licensing, certifications, and other pertinent information so you can be sure that your roster is up to date, compliant and ready to respond to any carrier deployment request in minutes.

Easily communicate with adjuster in the field from inside the portal. IA's are automatically notified of expired licenses and certifications before it becomes an issue. IA's can upload carrier invoices directly into the integrated portal system so they are available to you as soon as they are submitted.

  • Manage state licensing
  • Aquire carrier specific certifications
  • Update personal profile information
  • Track deployments, experience and invoicing
  • Map and track carrier claims and much more...

VertexClaims Key Features

Roster Import

Import your current IA Roster into the VertexClaims™ system to get your compliance and onboarding up and running quickly.

NIPR License Integration

IA's adjuster licenses can be automatically verified by the system using their NPN#, saving IA's and the Firms time, spent on compliance.

Simplified OnBoarding

Onboarding new IA applicants to your roster has never been easier. As IA's fill out information in the Adjuster Portal it becomes instantly available in the integrated Firm Portal.

Carrier Required Documentation

Through our integration with RightSignature® all firm and carrier required documents can be signed an uploaded automatically within the Adjuster Portal.


Assign managers and team members to carrier deployment requests and know that the IA's you are deploying are compliant and certified. All deployments are tracked and help build each IA's experience resume.

Claim Management & Mapping

Through integration with the VertexClaims™ Mobile App, you can track each IA's claim performance stats as well map any or all IA's or Firms current claims.

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